Teacher of the Year

The staff at Ramirez Elementary is truly extraordinary, every member from administration, teachers, support staff, paraprofessionals, custodians to cafeteria staff come in everyday with a smile ready to serve our students and inspire them to be their best in every way. I am honored to represent Ramirez Elementary as the 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year.

Teaching is a challenging profession, but it can be rewarding in so many ways. We live for the “aha!” moment, when a student’s eyes light up because they finally mastered a concept after struggling. There is no greater excitement than to inform a student who has never passed a STAAR test that they passed, as you join in their moment of triumph and cry tears of joy together. To hear your name shouted across the grocery store as a former student comes to greet you and thank you for everything you did for them.

I would first like to thank my family for instilling the importance of education and supporting me so I could achieve my dreams. My husband for understanding my love for teaching and the countless hours it takes outside of the classroom to be an educator. My 5th grade team for all the cooperation, always being flexible, and the laughs. My partners in crime, Mrs. Aracely Garcia and Mrs. Veronica Handy, for being by my side every step of my teaching journey, thank you for inspiring me to persevere despite challenges along the way. To my Cavazos Elementary family, where I got my start 12 years ago, Mrs. Sandra Guerra and Mrs. Clarissa Ramirez, thank you for taking a chance on a brand new teacher and molding me into the teacher I am today.